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On 26th July, 2014, the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India launched MyGov – a platform for Citizen Engagement for good governance, which presents a wonderful opportunity for citizens, experts and government authorities to collectively achieve the goal of Surajya.

MyGov welcomes Government Institutions to collaborate with citizens through this platform.

MyGov is primarily created for the Government departments and institutions to pursue their citizen engagement initiatives. Institutions can form or create interest groups based on various causes and initiatives taken in each sector the government.

  • Within each group, discussions on relevant and significant topics can be initiated. The discussions can help government institutions understand viewpoints of citizens and gather feedback on policy issues.
  • Citizens can be involved in online and on ground tasks through the platform such as writing research documents, concept notes, field reports, taking photographs/videos, compiling policy measures etc. Tasks would not only lead to crowd sourcing of ideas but would also help institutions understand region specific, sector specific as well as individual success stories, best practices and/or issues.
  • Another facet of the platform is the Creative Corner and Open Forum which gives institutions and bodies the opportunity to organize contests for creative inputs on upcoming initiatives or open up discussions on specific theme/issue of national importance.


  • Understand viewpoints of citizens and gather feedback
  • Get people's ideas and their contribution through the tasks
  • Identify talent and expertise which can be garnered towards the success of projects with people's participation
  • Implement best ideas and achieve the goal of 'Good Governance'

Last but not the least, MyGov helps government bodies identify talent and expertise which can be garnered towards the success of projects to strengthen governance with people’s participation.

Fill the Template and script a new chapter in the future of the country with this people-powered platform: